A fusion of inertial measurement sensors, with patents granted in the US, UK and Australia.  The technology allows for the precise mapping of a person whether on land, or in water, with the means of retracing a path in real time.

The underlying technology was originally conceived and designed to help divers operating in overhead environments where the only means of tracing a path is by the laying of a line. Unfortunately, those lines can break and environmental conditions can change so rapidly that a diver could easily become lost.

The concept is to provide a secondary means of retracing a path, a potentially life saving scenario.

Since then the company has been funded by UK and European Grants, Venture Capital and gained significant support and interest across multiple markets from some of the world’s largest corporations such as Microsoft.  Interest has been strong from areas such as Fire and Rescue, the Space and Defense sectors, Health and Safety and the Technical Dive Market.  The ambition is to focus on the successful delivery of the core platform and become a world leader in Inertial Navigation, opening the door to new technologies and opportunities for innovation across many of these sectors.

Support and interest for the underlying technology has come from many world leading organisations and charities such as the National Guide Dog Association, helping the visually impaired navigate urban environments.