Technology Developments

Leading Aerospace multinational, declares interest and offers support

We were recently introduced to a leading Space and Defence multinational by John Hildreth of North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence. The company that cannot be named publicly at this stage, expressed significant interest in the technology we are developing. They are currently responsible for major Fire and Rescue […]

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£158k Support from the Technology Strategy Board, grant for GEO LOCATION SERVICES

The team at J&M were delighted when the TSB awarded a grant for £158k to support the initial phase of development. A big thanks to Roger Tipple for all of his help and support in helping us to secure this grant.

Arrow trial the new Sensor STIM 300

Chris and his team at Arrow, tested the new sensor from Sensonor, the STIM 300, designed for precision navigation where normally a FOG system would have been the choice in the past.