matt-fountainMatthew Fountain
CEO and Co Founder


Jonathan Fountain
CTO and Co Founder

J&M Inertial Navigation was founded by brothers Jonathan and Matthew Fountain in 2006. The aim was to build a Personal Inertial Navigation system that could help divers orientate their way back to a fixed way point or point of entry should a line break or the diver become lost. Recognition of a far wider community of needs was identified in the coming years: open water navigation, Fire and Rescue, Military, Healthcare, Industrial and leisure activities, anywhere GPS is not available or is unreliable

Pushing the boundaries of technology the company formed long lasting, invaluable partnerships with people of exceptional relevant skill and experience. Partnered with the National Physical Laboratory, along with support from Durham University Science and Engineering division, Arrow Technical Services to name but two. Some of the worlds largest multinationals in the aerospace and defence industry have declared a significant interest and support for the programme, as well as from organisation and charities working with people with disabilities, such as the blind.

The technology is protected by IP in the UK, US and AUS, and is broad reaching, covering all forms of Personal Inertial Navigation, in water, on land and in Air. A significant platform on which new IP will continue to be built.